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I was never really sure what was involved in mentoring. Is it learning new skills, doing what someone else tells me to do or something completely different?

Well, for me, it has been all those things and more!

I have been fortunate to have an excellent mentor who has helped me become the Director and Leader I want to be - well I am almost there............

For myself, the process has not been about 'doing what I am told' but highlighting alternatives that I can consider and adapt them to my own style when I feel they are good suggestions. Some of my development has been my written word - I have a habit of missing words out of sentences. I king of write as I speak, which I do not want to change but a sentence changes it's tone when a word is missing. As then the reader cannot take cues from my facial expression or body language it is important.

Other areas have been less obvious but when I take the time to look back over the last 6-12 months, I can see how much 'more' I have become. I have used the skills I already had and made them stronger.

For me, mentoring is about having someone by your side, supporting and nurturing your strengths and developing your weaknesses, to become a better all roun person. I would highly recommend taking the opportunity, if you can.

My one piece of advise - make sure your mentor's ethos is the same as your own or it can have a negative impact on you and your work.

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