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Things are moving forward - at last!

The last 18 months have been really hard for most people. Some are struggling getting back into work mode after being Furloughed for months, while others are just tired from working through these strange times. Whichever situation you have found yourself in, you may be considering an alternative way of working or going for a complete change.

Working from home has been great for some and it has been the first step to acknowledging you could work for yourself.

One of the things a lot of my clients have been concerned about is not being in a structured work environment, working on their own with no colleagues around for support. Working for yourself does not suit everyone! You can have a great idea or product but the impact on your own mental and physical health can be negative - so make sure you consider this before starting your own business.

A possible option is to use a 'hot desk' facility where people use a communal space rather than being 'home alone'. You may all be doing different things but it can give a sense of a team.

Some of us enjoy the solitude of working from home, no distractions. But I would point out that you have to be organised and disciplined. Taking a few minutes throughout the day to 'get a brew' or 'put a wash load in' is a great work/life balance but those few minutes soon mount up if you are doing it often! So be careful.

I will try and post information on areas of starting your own business that my past clients have mentioned. If they are highlighting these things, then others must have similar concerns or reservations. I will also start to signpost to resources that relate to the topic discussed, where relevant.

My aim is to help anyone who wants to consider starting their own business or are ready to start one, have the best foundation to start their journey. I am, of course, around for one 2 one chats if that is preferred.

Good luck on your journey, wherever it takes you.

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