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Time to start moving forward

Times are changing but we still need to work towards our goals. We may need to take a different approach, or reconsider our target markets but that is normal for all businesses.

A lot of people are worried about their future and job security so now maybe a great time to consider implementing those ideas that have been on the 'back burner' for some time. Move a hobby forward towards a business or just something you think will make a good business.

Inspire can help you get going, with the support of Jigsaw Homes, we offer free advise and support for new and small businesses. Jigsaw Homes also support local business start-ups and small enterprises with a grant that can really help get your business moving in a number of ways.

The grant can be used for advertising, equipment, resources, room hire - it really is up to you. The only thing we ask is that it is used to move your business forward and the application process is really simple.

Give me a call and I will be happy to talk to you about the grant but also if you just want to have someone to talk your idea through with. I look forward to hearing from you.

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