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How to get started

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Starting anything new can be scary or overwhelming - a new business or expanding a current business is no exception.

A lot of us see the end of our journey before we take a first step towards it. Dreaming of that perfect shop, selling all your wonderful handmade goods, chatting to your customers. Or offering a service that will make other people's livers easier or happier.

The hard part for most of us is knowing how to get there. Or not feeling like it is impossible - know that feeling?

Start with what you want to do. Make it as detailed as you want - draw it, write it out - whatever you feel happy with.

Next determine what it takes to make it happen.

- what equipment

- premises or do you actually need any?

- customers/clients

You get the idea!

Then - which I find the most important part - break it down to smaller steps you can take towards your goal.

This advise can be used for anything you want to achieve; personally or professionally.

I have found, working with lots of different people on a range of new businesses, that this process has shown the greatest success.

Good Luck!

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